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The · Way · of · the · Lolita

Since the holiday season is getting into swing, I was wondering if…

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Since the holiday season is getting into swing, I was wondering if anyone had any especially neat ideas for their foods?

For example, pie. Pies are usually 10-12", in a crust, eaten by the slice. Well... Instead of serving the pie as such, why not pour the pie batter into oven safe cups or dishes and bake? Basically, bake it like a crème brûlée. Perhaps put a tiny layer of graham cracker crust on the bottom, or sprinkle some crushed graham crust on top (with lots of whipped cream!) before service. I've done this before with Key Lime pie, and don't see why it wouldn't work with other pie batter. There's a similar dessert concept, called pots de creme, which I think would be a nice change from regular ol' pie as well.

And cake! Instead of baking one large cake, why not makes lots of little ones? Bake the batter in a cookie sheet and after it cools cut it with a circle cutter. Then frost the tops and stack them two or three layers high. Top with fresh berries and powdered sugar. Or shaved chocolate!

Haha, I know I said "food" and posted about desserts... Hm, I suppose if you felt very extravagant instead of turkey for Thanksgiving, you could serve your guests their own quail.
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On November 6th, 2007 06:36 pm (UTC), lilyoftheshadow commented:
Haa! Miraculously enough, I found a picture of them online ^_^

Follow the link here, please, since I don't want to post extra images here ^^

The beak and feet are made with large carrot slices--you cut a wedge for the beak and use the rest for feet. When you see the image, they are fairly self-explanatory.

I must say, however, ours were cuter. We used the toothpicks with cellophane on top so they had colorful crests ^_^ We also used jumbo olives for the bodies and regular or small for the heads; the person in the picture appears to have used the same size all over.
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